Over the previous 12 editions of the event, Business Review set the spotlight on the achievements of the business community, thus awarding and celebrating the companies, business leaders and entrepreneurs that showed drive, initiative and who achieved the best results in their class of business.




It’s been a pleasure to be part of the jury. It was a great team. I want to encourage any of you that should get the invitation in the upcoming years to be part of the jury – go for it, don’t hesitate.(…) It’s an amazing and extraordinary experience.
Oana Craioveanu, Impact Hub, president of the jury for BR Awards 2017
Thank you Business Review for this honor. It’s amazing to be tonight here, at the Gala where we celebrate the way we built Romania well in multiple ways through the businesses you lead, the start-ups that you start or that you support or through education and social involvement.
Ovidiu Sandor, CEO of Mulberry Development, receiver of Honorary Recognition Award
It’s a big surprise and great honor to be here tonight representing the Re.Flex team.  We gathered very bright engineers and we know, based on the time that we spent until now we can make a dent in the physiotherapy industry.
Camil Moldoveanu, CEO of Re.Flex, winner of “Best Start-up” award
Tonight I really liked that many of the speakers talked not only about business and we strongly support this.(…) We decided to be bold and to put something very different, which has nothing to do with our market position, what we know how to do or what we might do in the future.  Our vision was just to be an authentic business model.  
Dan Stefan, founder of Autonom, winner of “Excellence in Business” award
We take it with modesty, as a confirmation of what we are doing. When you are an organization of 10,000 people and you made the mission of giving each and every one of them equal chance of development, and career opportunities you need confirmations from time to time. And this is for us.
Ileana Alexandru, VP HR Department Mega Image, winner of ” Best Employment Initiative” award