paslaruThe minister of labor Dragos Pislaru said on Tuesday, during the Foreign Investors Summit, the 3-day event organized by Business Review magazine, that “Romania has just entered into a new boom cycle”.

The minister suggested that going forward, the authorities should make sure that the current pace of development is maintained and that there aren’t any fiscal slippages, for instance, which could dent this growth.

“I don’t see Romania transformed into a Porsche or Mercedes now. (…) Let’s try to be a good Duster right now,” said the minister.

According to Eurostat, the statistics office of the European Union, Romania posted the highest growth rate of 5.9 percent of GDP in the second quarter – this being the biggest gain in output across the Union.

Live text: Foreign Investors Summit 2016 – Day 1

The minister explained that some irreversible changes have taken place in Romania in the past year, and came up with three such principles. He talked about the concept of governance and transparency, suggesting that people will react if there will be breaches in this respect.

He added that more Romanians from abroad are willing to help the development of their home country. “I see more people from Diaspora willing to help,” said Pislaru.

The minister of Labor also talked about inclusion and explained that Romanian government officials are better seen abroad.

“When going abroad, Dacian Ciolos is in the middle of attention. (…) Right now, we are having people from Germany, France that want to have bilateral meetings with us,” said Pislaru, underlining the fact that the current executive has worked to improve the overall governance framework.

Ovidiu Posirca