• Asociatia pentru Relatii Comunitare (ARC)
  • Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB)
  • Grup Renault Romania
  • Holcim Romania
  • Microsoft Romania
  • MOL Romania

 Winner: Asociatia pentru Relatii Comunitare (ARC)

The Community Involvement award was introduced to recognize the efforts of a company doing business locally that has demonstrated continuous commitment to implementing and following sustainable business practices. It aims to reward companies’ involvement in the communities they are active in, and the responsibility they have shown towards their stakeholders through the various programs and initiatives they’ve undertaken.


  •  eMAG
  • ING Bank
  • Paravion

 Winner: eMAG

The award recognizes the effective use of online tools with the purpose of business development in all dimensions of the business (be they marketing, sales, operations etc.).


  • Luxoft
  • Teamnet Group
  • Vector Watch

 Winner: Vector Watch

This award recognizes novel, innovation and research driven strategies, developed in/for Romania. The category is meant to cover the latest developments related to the introduction of new products, services or campaigns, and the roll-out of R&D oriented investments. S


  • Banca Transilvania
  • ING Bank
  • Serviciul Implementare Proiecte si Programe pentru IMM,Ministerul Economiei, Comertului si Relatiei cu Mediul de Afaceri
  • Startup Café

 Winner: Banca Transilvania

This category awards companies that have undertaken projects meant to support the activity and development of start-ups by providing access to resources and services that promote their growth.


  • Banca Transilvania
  • Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB)
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • European Investment Fund (EIF)
  • Libra Bank

 Winner: Banca Transilvania

This award recognizes banks’ initiatives directed towards supporting the development of local SMEs and entrepreneurial efforts through various projects (financing deals, products launches, and services innovations) introduced and implemented in the previous year. It targets financial institutions offering loans for companies with up to 10 million euro turnover.


  • Banca Comerciala Romana
  • Bancpost
  • Hidroelectrica

 Winner: Banca Comerciala Romana

This category reviews companies that have managed to overcome a difficult business moment and improve their activity in the process. It looks at the quantitative aspects of the turnaround as well as the strategy employed to achieve those results.


  • Atos Romania
  • Lidl Romania
  • Luxoft
  • Telus

 Winner: Lidl Romania

The award honors the employment endeavors of companies, multinational or local, made on the Romanian market under difficult economic conditions. It evaluates the recruitment policies and training effort involved, set against the wider context of the company’s investment and presence in Romania.


  • Alexandru Lapusan – Zitec Romania
  • Andrei Pitis – Vector Watch
  • Dan Isai – Salad Box
  • Marius si Dan Stefan – Autonom Rent a Car

 Winner: Dan Isai – Salad Box

This award praises the entrepreneurial efforts and achievements of a local business person who has managed to develop a successful regional or national business, looking either at the innovative nature of the business started or at the growth parameters and the created value.


  • Banca Transilvania
  • CTP
  • Fondul Proprietatea
  • Primaria Bucuresti + Raiffeisen Bank + Banca Transilvania
  • Regina Maria
  • Unicredit Bank

 Winner: Regina Maria

This category acknowledges the most important business transactions of the previous year, regardless of its nature. It recognizes the deal that had the most impact and significance in 2015, translated in financial terms as well as in aiding the development of the local economy or industry. It looks at the novel elements of the respective transaction, and how the deal stands out on the local or regional business scene.


  • Antoaneta Curteanu – UniCredit Leasing Corporation
  • Florentina Totth – Schneider Electric Romania
  • Jean-Baptiste Dernoncourt – Carrefour Romania
  • Jean François Fallacher – Orange Romania
  • Kinga Daradics – MOL Romania
  • Omer Tetik – Banca Transilvania

 Winner: Omer Tetik – Banca Transilvania

The award seeks to recognize remarkable individual results in a certain industry as a result of an initiative undertaken in the previous year or a definite period of time. The results are analyzed according to the market conditions in the respective industry, the resources used in the process, the individual’s experience and the amount of innovation involved in achieving these results.


  • Carrefour Romania
  • Transavia
  • UniCredit Leasing
  • World Class

 Winner: Transavia

This award celebrates the outstanding achievements of a local business over the recent period, looking at aspects such as innovative character, accomplishments and potential for development, market share as well as the overall relevance for the business environment.


  • Autonom Rent a Car
  • Emag
  • Paravion
  • Salad Box

 Winner: Transavia

This award recognizes the outstanding achievement of a local business over the recent period that managed to extend worldwide in a sustainable manner. The category is looking at aspects such as the value of investment in expansion, potential for development on foreign markets, international market share, local market share, the innovative character.

Certificates of distinctions:

  • Impact Hub Bucharest
  • TechHub Bucharest
  • Connect Hub
  • WeLoveDigital
  • Mobile Hub

Honarary recognition Award:

  • Ion Tiriac
  • Jean-Francois Fallacher – Orange Romania

This award is granted by Business Review.

  • Cornel Marian – Managing Director, Oresa
  • Omer Tetik – CEO, Banca Transilvania
  • Andreia Radu – Principal Investment Officer, IFC
  • Sergiu Negut – Associated Dean, Maastricht School of Management
  • Peter Barta – CEO, Post Privatization Foundation
  • Kostas Loukas – Country Manager, Microsoft Romania
  • Razvan Iorgu – CEO, CBRE
  • Silviu Stoica – Partner, Popovici Nitu Stoica si Asociatii
  • Fady Chreih – CEO, Regina Maria
  • Hortensia Nastase – Vice-president, MullenLowe Romania
  • Carmen Peli – Partner, PeliFilip
  • Florin Godean – Country Manager, Adecco Romania
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