• Aiming for the Olympiad!” by the eMAG Foundation
  • “Bursa Binelui” by BCR
  • Acquisition of ventilation machines for medical centres by ENGIE Romania
  • Hospice Casa Sperantei by Kaufland
  • “Idei din Tara lui Andrei” by OMV Petrom
  • “The Garden with Remedies” by Secom

Winner: Aiming for the Olympiad!” by the eMAG Foundation

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The Community Development award was introduced to recognize the efforts of a Romanian or foreign company doing business locally that has demonstrated a commitment to implementing medium and long term programs/projects that aim to support the community they operate in.  It looks to reward companies’ involvement in community development programs with a high impact in the society.
  • Proven social impact of the business / initiative (community impact)
  • Developing long term programs or projects for the local communities (long term commitment to the local community)
  • The initiatives coming from companies meet a real need of the community (e.g. education, social intervention, health, environment, technology)
  • Being transparent to the local community by publishing annual sustainability reports (GRI 4)



  • Hypervisor Introspection (HVI) by BitDefender
  • inteliLIGHT by Flashnet
  • MIRA by Mira Rehab
  • FinTech OS by Softelligence

Winner: inteliLIGHT by Flashnet

This award recognizes novel, innovation and research driven strategies, developed in/for Romania. The category is meant to cover the many developments related to the introduction of new products, services or campaigns, and the roll-out of R&D oriented investments.
  • Innovation and research-driven orientation of the strategy implemented
  • Investment made, amount and performance against other markets where the company is present



  • “Managers for Romania” by BCR
  • Profiling Project by Mega Image
  • “Free Monday” by WebDigital

Winner: Profiling Project by Mega Image

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The award recognizes the HR endeavors of companies, multinational or local, made in an increasingly competitive Romanian market. Aspects of interest include the recruitment policies, training efforts, retention programs included in the project, benchmarked against the wider context of the company’s investment and presence in Romania.
  • Innovation and effectiveness of the program
  • Impact on the company business or society overall
  • Look at the net personnel increase vs. the net of the industry (percentage also)
  • Look at the industry growth and its importance for the Romanian economy
  • Qualitative reviews: employees feedback, employer branding efforts, NPS scores, or any other internal KPIs (engagement, retention, personnel turnover)



  • Noriel ( for being acquired by Enterprise Investors )
  • Enterprise Investors ( for selling Profi to Mid Europa Partners )
  • Vector Watch/Gecad Ventures ( for selling to FitBit )

Winner: Enterprise Investors (for selling Profi to Mid Europa Partners)

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This category acknowledges the most important business transactions of the previous year, regardless of the transaction type. It recognizes the deal that had the most impact and significance in 2016, in financial terms and in the development of the local economy, or of a particular industry. It looks at novel elements of the respective transaction, and how the deal stands out on the local or regional business scene.
  • Value of the transaction
  • Impact within the industry/ local business scene and economy as a whole
  • Novelty elements characteristic to the transaction.



  • Dragos Anastasiu - Eurolines
  • Felix Patrascanu - FAN Courier
  • Ilinca Paun - Colliers International
  • Radu Georgescu - Gecad Ventures

Winner: Radu Georgescu - Gecad Ventures

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The award seeks to recognize remarkable achievements of business people that go above and beyond their daily roles and responsibilities as head of companies, local or international. The Jury will take into account the company’s results (measured against the market conditions in the respective industry, the resources used to achieve it, the individual experience and innovation aspect) as well as specific leadership initiatives – in and outside the company, such as the involvement of the candidates in improving the business environment and on trying to solve some of the society’s current challenges.
  • The main business achievements of the nominated person’s past year of tenure
  • Results of any projects/initiatives (not necessarily connected to the core business) done to support the overall business environment in Romania
  • Evidence of the nominee’s achievements and role as a leader within the community


Teach for Romania

Funky Citizens




  • Blue Air
  • Gosselin Mobility
  • Impact Developer & Contractor
  • Softelligence

Winner: Blue Air

This category reviews companies that have managed to overcome a difficult business moment and improve their activity in the process. It looks at the quantitative aspects of the turnaround as well as the strategy employed to achieve those results.
  • Strategy employed to achieve the turnaround
  • The amount of time necessary to achieve it
  • Financial and non-financial results of the company before and after



  • AeRO by the Bucharest Stock Exchange
  • The Venture by Chivas Regal
  • Startarium by Impact Hub & ING Bank
  • Accelerator Program by Spherik Accelerator
  • Innovation Labs by Tech Lounge

Winner: Startarium by Impact Hub & ING Bank

This category awards companies that have undertaken projects meant to support the activity and development of start-ups by providing access to resources and services that promote their growth.
  • To what extent does the project/service support the activity of start-ups. The added value for the entrepreneur
  • Number of start-ups/ individuals supported
  • Resources and strategy employed to support start-up activity (infrastructure, consultancy services)
  • The easiness to access the solution/service/product for start-ups.



  • Daniel Truica – Vola.ro
  • Ioan Iacob - Qualitance
  • Laurentiu Banescu and Alexandru Geamanu - Bere Zaganu
  • Radu Savopol – 5 To Go
  • Teodor Blidarus - Softelligence

Winner: Laurentiu Banescu and Alexandru Geamanu - Bere Zaganu

This award recognizes the entrepreneurial efforts and achievements of a local business person who has managed to develop a successful regional or national business, looking either at the innovative nature of the business started or at the growth parameters and the created value.
  • Development of the business over the years
  • Unique characteristics of the business
  • Results achieved against investment and the overall industry
  • Look at the ethics and values exemplified in the business
  • The added value of his/her business on the market



  • 5 To Go
  • Get Pony
  • Iutta
  • ReFlex
  • Yellow Menu

Winner: ReFlex

The award recognizes the most promising start-up that has the potential to bring major changes in a certain industry. It takes into account the innovation factor of the service or product that the start-up is working on and the potential growth patterns. The award also takes looks at other recognitions that the start-up has previously received and the manner in which the start-up has been able to finance its operations up to now.
  • General: description of the start-up; the year in which it launched its service or product; age of start-up: up to 3 years; profile of founder(s)
  • Objectives & Strategy: innovation factor, concept quality, disruption potential
  • Evidence of Results: financing type, growth potential, recognitions, business achievements, impact on overall start-up scene



  • Autonom
  • eMAG
  • Regina Maria
  • Vola.ro

Winner: Autonom

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This award recognizes the outstanding achievement of a local business over a longer period of time, looking at aspects such as innovative character, development achievements, market share and the overall relevance for the local business environment.
  • The strategy for development in the past years
  • Business growth over the previous year
  • Unique endeavors to support the local business community
  • Sustainable development strategy
  • Top market position
  • Exceptional business growth compared with peers


Ovidiu Sandor, Mulberry Developments

Superbrands Romania

2017 Jury Members:

Anca Rarau
Anca RarauMarketing Director, BCR
Cosmin Alexandru
Cosmin AlexandruTransformation Partner, Wanted Transformation/Entrepreneurship Academy
 Istvan Kocsolade
Istvan KocsoladeManager, Accenture Management Consulting
Joshua Burke
Joshua Burke Commercial Attache, US Embassy Bucharest
Marius Ghenea
Marius Ghenea Investment Director, 3TS Capital
Matteo Patrone
Matteo PatroneDirector for Romania, EBRD
Oana Craioveanu
Oana CraioveanuCoFounder, Impact Hub | Jury President
Silviu Stoica
Silviu StoicaPartner, Popovici Nitu Stoica si Asociatii
Sotiris Chatzidakis
Sotiris Chatzidakis Executive Vice President, CEO Clubs

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